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Being a great athlete used to be enough. Today’s athlete must also be good at life.

The proof is everywhere. On any given day, you’re likely to see negative news about a professional or collegiate player criticizing a referee’s call or a Facebook photo of an act of domestic violence or spousal cheating – news which can end up going viral and becoming “Exhibit A” in the courtroom, ultimately harming a player’s all-important brand and future earning power.

For several years, members of our firm have been speaking to members of professional and college sports teams nationwide about the legal guidelines that protect against liabilities and financial exposure.

In our interactive program with team players, Allen & Glassman, Chartered partners Gemma Allen and Todd Glassman clearly and directly address issues involving personal relationships and the dangers of media exposure to a player’s career and personal life. They are writing a book, The New Sports Deal: A Playbook for Life Off the Field, offering solutions based on their knowledge as family lawyers and their experiences working with athletes.

Presentation highlights:

Gemma B. Allen is a founder and principal partner of Allen & Glassman, Chartered (formerly Ladden & Allen), a family law firm offering experienced, professional, aggressive, and discrete representation in the areas of marriage, legal separation, divorce, paternity, mediation, child custody and domestic violence.

Todd Glassman, who joined the firm in 2007 as an associate lawyer, is a name partner at the firm.

Through their own professional experience, as well as tapping the expertise of forensic experts in the areas of taxes, accounting, business valuation and estate planning, Allen & Glassman effectively assists clients in navigating complex issues involved in divorce, including the division of matrimonial property, whether by negotiation or on trial. Unflinching in the representation of clients, the firm’s lawyers have the essential experience and proven ability to help ensure that a client’s goals are met.

Both Gemma and Todd have led the firm’s Better Beginnings, Fewer Endings Think Tanks(TM), which bring together judges, mental health practitioners, clergy, attorneys and other interdisciplinary professionals who are interested in recognizing and addressing serious family law related matters. Topics have included “intimate terrorism” in relationships, the law and psychology relevant to custody litigation and its effect on children, the strategy and costs of litigation, and the need for more resources for divorcing couples both inside and outside the courtroom."

For more information, contact Gemma Allen at or Todd Glassman at They can also be reached at (312) 853-3000.

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Todd Talks . . . Sports
By Todd Glassman

January 14, 2019

NFL's First Female On-Field Official in Playoff Game Shows Gender Equality Has a Sporting Chance

It’s a start. While watching the NFL playoffs this past weekend like most other Americans, Sarah Thomas’ accomplishment was the talk of the town. During Sunday’s Patriots-Chargers playoff game, Sarah Thomas again made history. This time she became the first female to officiate a playoff game in NFL history by serving as a down judge in Sunday’s matchup.  

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October 15, 2018


There is no doubt in my mind that the UFC is the sports entertainment of the future. Read More
August 10, 2018

Blake Griffin: Why Proactivity in Parenting and Confidentiality are So Important for Athletes and for All.

Every basketball fan knows about Blake Griffin and his unbelievable athletic talents and skills throughout the years. Read More
June 18, 2018

Colangelo and His Demise: Do the NBA and Other Professional and Collegiate Athletic Organizations Need Social Media/Confidentiality Policies for Family Members/Third Parties?

The President of Basketball Operations of the Philadelphia 76ers, Bryan Colangelo, stepped down Thursday, June 7, 2018 from said role.

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