Pre-nups are Today’s Love Deals

Whether you’re marrying or just moving in, a partnership agreement is a wise investment in your future together. If you reach a point where you must move on, you’ll have a legal document that spells out the division of assets and liabilities, making the separation or divorce less prolonged and painful.

Pre-nuptial agreements used to get a bad rap. Today, they’re considered smart. If a new-style pre-nup is in your future, here are some tips.

Plan for a complete disclosure of each other’s debts and assets.

Everything from credit card debts to obligations from previous relationships should be on the list. Vow to have “the” discussion in a loving way. Pour a glass of wine and light that candle!

Hire a lawyer.

A pre-nup is a legally-binding contract. Each party needs their own lawyer to help them negotiate the terms. Far from being a battle, this step should be viewed as a savvy coming together of lovers to create a financial blueprint for their lives as a couple. Start it and sign it as long before the wedding as possible.

Know that pre-nups can be modified.

As you grow older together, financial circumstances change, and you may need to re-up the pre-nup. Agree to review it periodically, and make updates if they are in order.

Today’s pre-nups are a move towards financial fairness and transparency. Creating one may make you feel vulnerable, but they can be a beautiful way to seal the new love deal.

Pre-nups are Today's Love Deals - article clip-out - Chicago Woman

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