Vacationing as a Couple Can Be Deal-maker or Breaker

Every couple should take a vacation together before they commit to traveling together through life, according to veteran Chicago divorce lawyer Gemma B. Allen.

In her latest “Relationship Gems” blog post on the Today’s Chicago Woman magazine website, Ms. Allen, who is a partner in the law firm of Ladden & Allen, Chartered, writes:  “When two people are away from the familiar day-to-day of their lives, the underlying reality shows through. Travels can provide an important test of how and even if a couple is really capable of the three relationship musts: cooperation, communication and compromise.”

Missed airline connections or less-than-desirable hotel accommodations can put a strain on the most romantically-entangled couple.  How they weather the “crisis” says volumes about themselves as individuals and as potential mates.

“If the reaction to the travails of travel is neither light-hearted nor admirable, she writes, “this can be a warning sign as to what lies ahead when life is less than perfect.”

Other lessons which travel reveals is what each person really enjoys to do in his or her free time.  “If one partner really prefers mountain climbing while the other loves museums, then accommodations must be made – or a new life companion found,” she writes.

Even the choice of destinations can be revealing.  If one person “wants to go to India while the other is ill-at-ease in Indiana,” someone or something has to change. If one of the partners feels that the sacrifices in vacationing together are just too great, then it is better to find out before houses, children and careers are involved.

On the other hand, if a traveling couple lives through what could have been a deal-breaker and transforms it into a life lesson, it can actually strengthen the relationship.

Writes Ms. Allen:  “If each person stays open to new experiences outside his or her comfort zone and supports each other, they are likely to be a happy and successful together for life.”

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