As featured in Chicago Woman magazine's November-December 2017 edition

Of Politics and Bedfellows

By Gemma Allen

It’s one year later, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s knowing how to walk the tightrope separating our political differences and similarities in a relationship. It can be a perilous balancing act.

In most elections, married couples tend to vote alike, but not in 2016! Many married couples spurned one candidate over the other, creating palpable tension in some households. Couples who didn’t support the same candidate admitted to arguing about it. Even singles were known to give a thumbs-down to a love prospect who supported the other candidate.

With another election around the corner, how can couples with opposing political views preserve their union?

For some, it may mean avoiding a conversation about politics. Others may want to find specific issues or causes they can agree to support. If heated arguments and hurt feelings become the norm, wise couples may decide to seek professional counseling.

Most of all, a solution needs to be found because sadly, last year’s Presidential election is probably the new normal. 

Though differences of opinion are natural in a relationship, they shouldn’t destroy it. Honest communication and compassionate listening are proven ways to preserve the state of a couple’s union.

Gemma Allen is an experienced divorce attorney dedicated to providing the best results for families. Contact her at, or call (312) 853-3000.

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