Better Beginnings, Fewer Endings Think Tank (TM)

Since 1997, Ladden & Allen, Chartered (now Allen & Glassman, Chartered) has hosted dozens of family law Better Beginnings, Fewer Endings Think Tank (TM), bringing together judges, mental health practitioners, clergy, attorneys and other interdisciplinary professionals who are interested in recognizing and addressing serious family law matters.

The cutting-edge, timely topics have included the downside of social media in divorce, “intimate terrorism” in relationships, the law and psychology relevant to parenting litigation and its effect on children, the strategy and costs of litigation, and the economics of marriage and divorce. Recent Think Tanks focused on changes in the Illinois divorce law and the potential misuses of consulting experts in family law cases. The firm will present a Think Tank in February 2017 on “The Uses and Misuses of Orders of Protection.”

A 20th anniversary Think Tank on “The Uses and Misuses of Orders of Protection” was held on  February 25, 2017. Speakers included Brent Sopel, the retired Chicago Blackhawks professional hockey player and winner of the Stanley Cup; Hon. Michele Lowrance (retired), mediator at JAMS with more than 39 years of experience as a lawyer and judge who is a sought-after commentator and author on family law issues; and Hope Welsh, a woman of integrity and eloquence, who grew up in a violent household and shared her experience with Orders of Protection. Gemma Allen, partner at Allen & Glassman, moderated the discussion.

Hope Walsh, Todd Glassman, Gemma Allen, Brent Sopel, Hon. Michele Lowrance (Ret.)

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